Addiction vs. Intimacy

Building Intimate Connection and Strengthening Relationships for Personal Growth

The couple relationship is the relationship that is the most likely to be compromised by addiction. As the same time, it is this relationship that is the most essential and offers the couple the ultimate opportunity for healing and recovery.

Many experts in the field of addiction are now discovering that most addictions are a desire for true and genuine connection. In other words, addictions are a misguided attempt at trying to feel fully alive and connected with the self, other and the world.

In couples with addiction, the addict is so absorbed with his addiction than s/he cannot establish and experience true intimacy with the co- addict. The co-addict who is also co-dependent is so absorbed with the addict that s/he sacrifices the self. Without a sense of self, intimacy or genuine connection cannot exist.

Recovery happens when the addict and the co-dependent learn to connect and stay connected and at the same time repair the boundaries of the self.

Mindful Relating, LLC offers the tools for intimate connection and uses the “Dialogue” as the language for recovery.

Addiction vs. Intimacy - Marriage Heart Hands